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Our Drip Irrigation System

No water waste, we use just what is needed .

Our Drip Irrigation System

No water waste, we use just what is needed . Way moderate than the ordinary farming…

Qualified Engineers

Our well trained engineers are armed to the teeth, ready to give you the best…


Overly  equipped

We have all what you need

Overly  equipped


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GRETECO provides consultancy services to initiatives promoting innovative agroforestry solutions to challenging natural resource management issues affecting food security, poverty, tree crop cultivation, watershed management, afforestation and restoration of degraded agricultural and forestry landscapes in Developing Countries. Read more…

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We give you quality...

nutritious foods & great yields in one package.

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Double your productivity..

Astonishing yields

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At first, I doubted the competence of GRETECO, but after my first contract with them i was so pleased with the quality of services they offered me. 

Tudi Ndi Nathalie

CEO, Sign Services

For me, i rate GRETECO with 5 stars *****.they are the best so far in Cameroon. Their services are quite pleasing.

Abang Fuh Chris


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